Project information

The Digipioneers -project implements a new type of training package, in which the employees and management of companies learn together to look for the most significant business development targets by utilizing process thinking.

The project is implemented 1.9.2021 - 31.3.2023 and funded by European Social Fund (ESR, React-EU). The coordinator is Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.

Participants will be provided with new skills for identifying, describing and practically developing development targets related to companies' business, recognizing the possibilities of new technology. The underlying idea is to provide more development expertise where practical processes are best known at the everyday level and thus provide companies with the tools for future business development.
From the companies participating in the project, the so-called “Digipioneers”, whose knowledge of process thinking and process identification, change management and project methods, as well as the information system possibilities of digitalization and automation about the everyday life of a company are strengthened by the training provided in the project. Digital skills are not trained within the project. The content of the trainings is refined in workshops, where together with the management of the companies practical examples of potential development targets are sought, selected development targets are described and plans for practical follow-up measures are made so that companies can independently reform their business.

The material made in the project can also be utilized openly in the companies' internal development as well as in training activities. The streamlining of processes achieved through the project will increase the opportunities for digitalisation. Through more efficient operations and an increase in resource wisdom, the new expertise also strengthens the so-called green transition. The development of companies is seen in the project through a change in operating processes rather than technical development, which creates a more equal corporate culture from the perspective of both gender and competence level. Better functioning processes and more efficient operations increase job satisfaction and experience of the relevance of work, as employees can partially give up routine tasks thanks to automation.

The project produces open material, the most important of which is the Digipioneer's Guide.


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