The project implements a new type of training package, in which the employees and management of companies learn together to look for the most significant business development targets by utilizing process thinking.

The project produces open material, the most important of which is the Digipioneer's Guide.


The background of the project in brief

Well functioning operating processes are present practically in all the activity relating to business development. Often the first challenge is to recognize the processes in need for development let alone describe and develop them. Digipioneers training packages are intended for the employees from the participating companies. The employees, who have knowledge of process thinking and process identification, will be provided with new skills for identifying, describing and practically developing development targets related to the everyday life of a company (Digipioneers). Digital skills are not trained within the project.

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Satakunnan taiturit -kilpailu järjestettiin ensimmäistä kertaa eilen. Viisi joukkuetta kilpaili Satakunta-menun luomisessa. Kilpailun tavoitteena oli tuoda lisää näkyvyyttä ja vetovoimaa ravintola-alalle. 👨‍🍳👍

#katsetulevaisuuteen #matkailu #vetovoima https://www.samk.fi/uutiset/samk-mukana-lisaamassa-matkailu-ja-ravintola-alan-vetovoimaa/

Students have the opportunity to go abroad to study as an exchange student. Three SAMK students share their experiences of an alternative way to be an exchange student. 👍🌍
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